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Hand sanitizer is in higher demand than ever before and seems to only raise more. Whether you are someone experienced in the cleaning industry, or someone completely new to this world such as someone just trying to supply for their business and keep safe you want the best without your wallet taking a huge hit. 


commercial hand sanitizers


Busy-Bee, a sanitary supplier, makes sure to provide not only the best but also the best at reasonable prices. If you are in the market for anything from janitorial supplies all the way to cleaning equipment 

Busy-Bee can provide you with the top quality products you deserve. We are a proudly Canadian business serving from Winnipeg to our home base in Edmonton all the way to Vancouver and everywhere in between. No matter if you need a clean environment in Calgary, Wetaskiwin, or even Cold Lake and Kelowna, all the way to Prince George, or Cranbrook we have your back!


Top-Quality Commercial Hand Sanitizers

Let’s get into the benefits of sanitizer, in the current day they are one of the top products to fight against COVID because it is both effective and easy. Anyone can agree that if you washed your hands after you touched any public item, door handle, elevator button, and more then going about your daily life would have you in the bathroom washing your hands for half the day. Hand sanitizers with more than 60 percent ethyl or isopropyl alcohol are great at killing germs and many on the market are well above that reaching up to 99% alcohol to effectively get any germ they can. 

Hand sanitizers keep your hands clean quick and easy when you can’t reach out for the soap and are highly portable and quick drying so it’s perfect for when you are on the move. Hand sanitizers help our peace of mind a lot more than going out without any sort of protection.


But How Can I Get Sanitizer in This Market? 

It’s no secret that going to your local grocery store, pharmacy or convenience store where you could have easily found multiple hand sanitizers years before now the shelves are empty or near empty.

Buying from these places is fine for people who will use it occasionally, maybe it’s just for them or they rarely go out and need it but for more people, and especially businesses, it’s best to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk is generally cheaper with most items, you can see that with the popularity of bulk grocery stores like Costco. 

But along with saving you a lot of money buying in bulk online can give you a tactical advantage in the buying market. Buying in bulk you can hold off on buying regularly and thus buy when demand drops and fluctuates just as it has done before. 


How to Get the Best Sanitizer

Now not all sanitizer is made equal, we mentioned before the alcohol content is important, the lower the percentage the less effective it will be especially if it's below 50%. But don’t fret if it doesn’t specifically list alcohol, if it says it’s made up of say ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, ethanol, or another variation then those will all work fine. Don’t be afraid of using too much and skimp out on it too, a good amount is enough that you will keep rubbing it in for about 20 seconds. If it evaporates too quickly then you probably didn’t get enough and that obviously affects how effective it is.


Ready to Save on Sanitizer?

Busy-Bee is here to provide you with only the best to let you feel confidently clean. Let our years of experience back you up and Busy-Bee be your one-stop for all your cleaning needs!

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