How disposable mop heads are ensuring a safe health care setting on a daily basis!

Mops have the ability to clean between 8,000 to 10,000 square feet of a hospital before needing to be changed! Now that’s something you need to invest in today!

From busy kitchens to school hallways, mops are the most effective ways to keep commercial institutions sanitized and keep floors sparkling clean. Mops are essential for keeping floors clean, and with our wide range of commercial cleaning supplies, it’s easy to optimize your walking surfaces! 

At Busy Bee, we specialize in exceptional cleaning equipment that can improve your indoor settings, especially if you are working within a healthcare environment. Disposable mop heads in hospital settings are incredibly beneficial assets that can ensure the right cleaning protocols are carried out to prevent the chain of infection and contamination from spreading. 


Purchase our products today and witness a better eco-friendly tomorrow!

We carry a full range of superior products including a growing catalogue of Environmentally Friendly, LEED-certified products, and when combined with a highly knowledgeable staff, we are able to find the perfect product to best suit your needs. Although our customer base is led by janitorial companies, we have diversified into other areas to accommodate our customer's needs. Busy-Bee now offers several institutional programs that are designed for hotels, hospitals, schools and other large, high traffic industries.

In addition to a constantly upgraded product selection, Busy-Bee also offers a wide range of equipment and our service technicians offer top-rate service and repair to the equipment customers purchase from Busy-Bee.

Let us be your one-stop for all your cleaning needs, and remember, we service what we sell and we are a proudly Canadian company.


How to clean floors in a healthcare setting

Following certain guidelines and cleaning standards created for healthcare facilities, hospital floors must be free of dirt and particles. Additionally, the germs and microorganisms located on hospital floors must be removed in order to ensure that they will not infiltrate the breathing air. 

While laundering mop heads have been the traditional method of cleaning hospital floors, disposable mops are a much promising option for the future of healthcare settings for a number of reasons including:

  • Disposable mop heads drastically reduce the time of washing and laundering, giving you more time to focus on a deep clean.
  • Disposable mop heads positively impact infection control by removing up to 99.99% of microbes found in material mop heads.
  • Disposable mop heads increase worker efficiency, eliminating the need to walk back and forth from the cleaning room to change the mop bucket water.


Invest in LEED-certified floor cleaning products for your health care setting today!

Now more than ever, healthcare settings need to invest in reliable floor cleaning products. Create a safe and clean environment for workers, patients, family members and all individuals that come and go through the indoor health settings. At Busy Bee, we are consistently promoting safer cleaning methods, reduced water usage and decreased harmful chemicals being used to produce an effective clean. 

Need to stock up on LEED-certified commercial cleaning supplies? Contact Busy Bee for the best prices on the market!


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