Going back to work full-time? Invest in the best commercial hand sanitizers dispensers on the market



Commercial hand sanitizers
through public dispensers should be an ideal part of your janitorial supplies inventory to keep your buildings safe, sanitized and clean 

Busy Bee Sanitary Supplies provide exceptional janitorial cleaning products and services to help you keep commercial areas free of germs. One way to do so is to make sure employees have adequate access to hand sanitizer to keep their hands clean. Investing in such resources can keep your workplace safe and productive throughout the year. 

Hand sanitizer dispensers have many advantages if they’re installed in public areas. We will go over some reasons why it’s a good investment for your workplace, how it can reduce the risk of colds and cases of flu, and other Busy Bee janitorial supplies that can benefit the office. 

Why Should I Invest In Strong Hand Sanitizers For My Workplace?

The most important benefit to having effective hand sanitizers in your workplace is providing a clean workplace for your employees. By encouraging them to use the hand sanitizer upon entry and exit, it helps reduce the spread of germs and disease-causing pathogens into different places. Hand sanitizer dispensers are also available in both contact pumps and automatic touch-free interactivity. They’re also very durable and are a great long-term, cost-effective investment for your commercial workplace. 

By having reliable hand sanitizer dispensers, you reduce the risk of infection among your employees and limit inactivity, downtime, or sick days. It helps boost your business’s overall productivity and profitability in its daily operations. Hand sanitizer dispensers are also a convenient way for employees to maintain and practice good hygienic habits in the office. They can be installed in many areas like breakrooms, entrances, exits, breakrooms, or high traffic hallways. Try installing hand sanitizers in clearly visible and accessible spaces to encourage employees to keep their hands clean. 

Hand sanitizer dispensers come in a variety of shapes and sizes but should match the amount of investment you put into installing them. For example, mountable dispensers on walls can be easy to install and set up anywhere in your commercial building. They also equally dispense hand sanitizer fluid in efficient doses to avoid waste and spillage. 

By investing in good hand sanitizer dispensers for your workplace, you not only keep the commercial building clean but also ensure that the status quo is maintained. Let’s explore in detail how hand sanitizer can significantly reduce the spread of germs, colds, and cases of the flu. 

How Can Commercial Hand Sanitizer Reduce The Risk Of A Flu Spread?

Commercial hand sanitizers can effectively limit the spread of germs and infections, especially if they contain good levels of alcohol. By installing hand sanitizer dispensers and stations in heavily trafficked areas, you can lower the spread of person-to-person germs by keeping their hands clean before contact. Effective hand sanitation should be used in conjunction with regular disinfection of surfaces to slow the spread of flu germs. 

Having plenty of commercial hand sanitation resources also plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and well-being of your employees. It’s a great way to improve or maintain job safety and helps upper management communicate clean hygiene to their teams. This will help keep healthy workers clean and germ-free while also making sure there aren’t any disruptions in the office. 

We recommend placing hand sanitizer dispensers and stations in easy-to-spot locations so that people can access them at any time. Whether it’s a bottle on a desk or a wall-mounted dispenser, hand sanitation can be a key component to keeping your commercial building safe and clean throughout the year. 

What Other Janitorial Supplies Does Busy Bee Offer To Help Out My Workplace?

In addition to different hand sanitation solutions, Busy Bee offers many cleaning and janitorial supplies to keep your workplace germ-free. Hand soap in public restrooms is equally as important to have installed because it can further limit the spread of dangerous germs or pathogens. We also offer different hand creams and washes to make sure that part of your body is maintained in the best condition. 

Busy Bee Sanitary Supplies has a large array of janitorial cleaning supplies like floor cleaners, safety gloves, and washroom maintenance products. Contact us today to explore our excellent cleaning supplies inventory, including our hand sanitation solutions. Buy from Busy Bee now to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for 2022! 




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