3 Tips On How Your Office Can Be Squeaky Clean | Dependable Janitorial Supplies in BC

Gone are the days of harmful toxins ingested at the cost of deep cleaning your office.

Numerous commercial sanitizers and deodorizers contain harmful components that can irritate your skin and eyes, causing discomfort. Busy Bee provides LEED-certified janitorial supplies in BC that entirely clean surfaces and areas without toxins reaching your skin.

Commercial cleaning supplies are designed to effectively reduce germs, bacteria and viruses that can make a populated home on public surfaces. Busy Bee offers a range of supplies that vary from restroom maintenance to commercial hand sanitizers in BC that will keep your office squeaky clean.

Sanitizing your office daily is necessary for ensuring that you and your employees remain safe. We offer you 3 tips on properly disinfecting your office of harmful bacteria and germs with our certified sanitary products.


3 Tips in Cleaning Your Office Using Our Certified Janitorial Supplies

Our environmentally-friendly supplies can increase your staff’s safety and help your office adhere to proper sanitation protocols. Benefit your business and increase staff safety with our professional janitorial supplies:


1) Set Up An Easy Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Clean bathrooms are non-negotiable in offices. Creating a simple daily cleaning routine can ensure that your bathroom is cleaned to a high-standard and setting top standards for all staff. These tasks should be performed daily:

✔ Removing garbage bags and wiping down receptacles
✔ Cleaning sinks, mirrors, soap dispensers and water taps fully
✔ Scrubbing toilets and toilet bowls


2) Keep Your Janitorial Supplies Fully Stocked

To maintain proper hygiene and office cleanliness, it’s critical to invest in appropriate janitorial supplies to handle the job. Our wide variety of supplies can accommodate any office and ensure proper cleaning.

While your list of supplies may vary based on the size of your office and workspace, here are some must-haves that you need:

✔ Dish Soap
✔ Hand Sanitizer
✔ Kitchen, Glass and Window Cleaners
✔ Durable Garbage Bags
✔ Micro-fibre Cloths
✔ Restroom Maintenance Supplies
✔ Deodorizers and Dispensers


3) Maintain a Spotless Office Kitchen

You look forward to your lunch break when you start your working day, and a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. Like you don’t want to eat your sandwich on someone else’s crumbs, you don’t want to have the risk of unwanted germs on your food.

Kitchens are a space that is susceptible to germs and bacteria, but you don’t have to worry with Busy Bee on your side. Here is how you can keep your office kitchen clean daily:

✔ Discard old and smelly food items
✔ Remove expired food and drink from the fridge
✔ Clean countertops after every meal and usage
✔ Wash dirty dishes
✔ Remove garbage bags daily and wipe down kitchen furniture handles.


Benefits of a Fully Sanitized Office

An office that prioritizes its staff’s health and safety is an office that will succeed. Whether your office is located in a high-rise building, educational institution or a government facility, we have a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning supplies to get the job done.

Here are some additional advantages in using our janitorial supplies for your office:

✔ Reduced sick days among the staff due to fewer germs circulating
✔ Enhanced office appearance that can attract more potential clients
✔ Ordering janitorial supplies in bulk saves you money long-term
✔ It’s proven that a clean workspace increases productivity amongst staff

Whether you need all-purpose cleaning solutions, reliable equipment to handle floor care or commercial hand-sanitizers, we offer a wide range of high-quality janitorial supplies to help you provide a clean environment.


Sanitize Your Office and Reduce Sick Days | Eco-Friendly Janitorial Supplies in BC

Creating a deep clean doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health.

We offer a full selection of non-toxic commercial cleaning products to keep you, your staff and your office safe. Busy Bee is proudly Canadian! 

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