The Importance of Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Restrooms During COVID-19 | Professional Restroom

You may have invested in designing an inviting and professional lobby and hired staff for the front desk, but if your customers and clients find your public restroom unsanitary, they most likely will not engage in further business with your company.

Busy Bee is a commercial cleaning supplies company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Calgary, Alberta and various Western Canada locations. We have helped professional facilities, commercial buildings and educational institutions to remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Public restrooms are a large target for harmful bacteria and cross-contamination. Busy Bee can equip your business washroom with commercial hand sanitizers in BC and all across Western Canada that are both highly effective and LEED-certified. Your safety is our priority, and we can help you properly disinfect all public spaces with products that are toxin-free.

Our janitorial supplies in BC have helped you prioritize restroom maintenance and keep your public bathrooms fully stocked. Your facility’s public bathroom is more than just an essential for everyone walking in and out of your doors, it creates a lasting impression on the clients and your staff. We can help you keep your restroom in top-notch condition while helping you adhere to all Canadian sanitary regulations.


What’s the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting?

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we clean public bathrooms, it’s crucial to understand the differences between cleaning, and sanitizing and disinfecting your bathroom. Let’s take a look at the two levels of getting rid of bathroom germs:

Cleaning - Cleaning does not have a smell; it simply means removing germs from a surface or a counter. Cleaning equipment must be changed, washed and dried in between uses to avoid the spread of harmful germs.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting - This method of cleaning removes germs by killing them, not just eliminating them off surfaces. This method is highly recommended for public washrooms as it disinfects ‘high touch’ areas that can potentially be filled with harmful bacteria that can be transmitted.


What are the 3 main steps for public restroom cleaning?

We equip you with the best sanitary products on the market to help you fulfill the three main steps of a restroom cleaning program for your organization. They are:


  1. Restoration Cleaning

Restorative cleaning requires strong specialized cleaning products, like our restroom maintenance range of supplies, that can truly make your public restroom sparkle. Areas that need to be cleaned and fully disinfected are floors, fixtures, dispensers and receptacles.


  1. Daily Cleaning 

Daily restroom cleaning is the best way to ensure that your public bathrooms are kept up to standard. Commercial restrooms get routine traffic, and if not properly disinfected, can spread germs and bacteria amongst your workspace. Combining daily cleaning methods with our quality cleaning products can help you lower the overall cost to maintain your restrooms and help those using your facilities gain peace of mind knowing that they’re taken care of. 

Some areas protocols to include in your daily cleaning routine include:

  • Fully stocked janitorial supplies

  • Fixture cleaning

  • Floor cleaning procedures

  • Changing the garbage daily


  1. Periodic Maintenance Bathroom Cleaning

While daily restroom cleaning should always be a top priority, it’s important to clean areas that require more attention and take longer to clean. High bathroom areas and floors should be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from making a home on surfaces. Additionally, detailed cleaning of restrooms helps reduce maintenance costs and the need for increased restorative cleaning.


Are Your Public Restrooms Cleaned to COVID-19 Standards? | Buy Our Full Range of Janitorial Supplies in BC

Investing in high-standard restroom cleaning products is more than just ensuring your facility is safe. A clean bathroom shows a high level of personal concern and detail that prioritizes client and staff safety. 

We have a full range of LEED-certified sanitary and disinfecting supplies and equipment. Get your janitorial closet stocked with the best cleaning supplies on the market today!


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