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Germs get on a lot of surface areas such as tables, chairs, and floors. It’s as important as ever to maintain a clean space and the floor is usually the first thing that comes to mind when cleaning up. At Busy Bee, we have a vast array of products that will help keep your area neat and germ-free.



We’re a sanitary supplies company based in Cranbrook, BC and we provide high-quality cleaning tools for many commercial clients in and throughout Vancouver. Here, we’ll go over the best floor cleaning products we offer and the benefits of some of them.


Mops and Squeegees 

If there’s a serious mess on the floor, you need the right tools to properly wipe things off and clean it nicely. A good mop and floor squeegee will be able to handle this kind of job. 

A standard cotton dust mop is able to collect dust and grime off the floor, as well as more tougher messes when soaked in water. The handles should be durable when in use and the mop’s head should be able to catch as many things in its surface area. Depending on the mess, there are a variety of sizes you can choose from a 24’ to 48’ mop. 

Floor squeegees are great if you want to clean something with a flat head surface. You’ll be able to clean the floor with a straight edge if you use this tool to your benefit. They range in size from as small as 18 inches to as big as 36 inches. Floor squeegees will help you contain excess moisture on the floor and, in tandem with mops, can help keep your floors free of germs. 


Cleaning Solutions and Neutralizers

Cleaning solutions and neutralizers are often the chemical properties that help disinfect surrounding germs on a surface or nearby area. There’s a risk to using these, however, as improper training of such cleaning solutions can result in hazardous consequences. Solutions such as our detergents and floor strippers will make sure the cleaning job is thorough and clean 

Neutralizers and deodorizers also provide much needed relief for floor cleaning, as it replaces any noxious smells with more pleasant scents. They are usually in the form of a white powdery substance made to be put on the floor where the mess is and coagulate for a few minutes. This helps kill many germs and makes it easier to wipe or scoop it up afterwards. 


Floor Finishers 

Everyone loves a good finish and polish and your floor is no different. To keep it looking neat and tidy for the next day, you’ll need the right tools to make sure the floor is finished neatly. An Easy-Shine Applicator is usually the right tool for the job, as it will help you apply the right finishing solution to the floor as you clean. 

We have several finishing solutions in our catalogue you can use for your cleaning. Examples of some of our best selling products are the X-Coat 22 Floor Finish and the Eccothane Floor Finish. 

Waxing is another good practice after a lengthy clean with a mop and solution. They’ll leave your floor shiny and clean for the day after. Most of this can be done with a machine, but you can also apply some manually on the floor if you want to get the right shine on your floor. 


Get Quality Floor Cleaning Products in Vancouver

Want to know more about Busy Bee’s products? We have you covered with our extensive products list that are bound to fulfill all your sanitary needs. We’re constantly updating our stock, so check every so often to see what we have in store. 

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