Soap and Water VS. Sanitizer: Why Sanitizer is More Effective

We can’t avoid germs. We can’t prevent harmful bacteria from getting on our hands and the surfaces we touch, but we can remove a majority of them by proactively cleaning ourselves. 

Busy Bee offers commercial cleaning supplies in Vancouver BC, Alberta and Manitoba, that can help you and your workplace remain safe. Hands are the most used part of the body on a daily basis, as they directly touch other people, surfaces and objects. We specialize in a wide range of commercial hand sanitizers in BC that give ease your pandemic stress.

Taking proactive precautions in maintaining healthy during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic will help you and your loved ones stay protected. Rapidly arising in 2020, the debate of whether thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands has had many researching the answer.

We have compiled the crucial information down below.


What Are the Differences Between Soap and Sanitizers?

Both options are highly effective in combating the spread of germs, viruses and harmful bacteria. There are some major differences between the two options that you should consider:


Soap and water:

  • Will clean the skin of germs and dirt.
  • Function as a ‘wash off’ product requiring water.
  • Can only be used at sinks or water basins where soap and water are available



  • Will kill most germs effectively and prevent temporarily additional harmful germs to inhabit surfaces.
  • Function as a ‘leave on’ product that does not require additional elements 
  • Can be used anywhere and anytime as they come packed in a container


The Benefits of Sanitizer Over Regular Handwashing

Cleaning hands with soap and water, and regularly sanitizing our hands are some of the most effective ways to help prevent the spread of unwanted viruses and bacteria. While both options are essential in keeping safe, sanitizing your hands and environment is more effective than handwashing. 



If you didn’t have a pocket-sized sanitizer in your purse or bag before 2020, you most certainly will have one now. Hand sanitizers are readily accessible for people of all ages, people on the go and those who require immediate disinfection.


A Little Can Go A Long Way

A little sanitizer squirt can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs on contact surfaces. While handwashing with soap and water is highly effective, a small amount of sanitizer kills bacteria immediately.


Alcoholic Aid

The NHS suggests that a sanitizer must contain at least 60% alcohol content for maximum efficiency. The COVID-19 virus is classified as an ‘envelope’ virus meaning that penetration of its membrane is viable with alcohol. Additionally, alcohol acts as a preservative and it is less likely to be contaminated than soap bars and high-volume soap dispensers.


Trusted Touch-Ups

Hand and commercial sanitizers serve as easy touch-ups between routine handwashes. If you are low on soap and water, or simply do not have immediate access to a sink, sanitizers eliminate the high-threat of the virus spreading to different surfaces.


Serves High-Traffic Areas

Having a hand sanitizer dispenser will encourage persons in a populated area to easily disinfect their hands. While handwashing stations are mostly found in bathrooms and are not readily available, sanitizer dispensers serve as an immediate solution to disinfecting surfaces.


Don’t Let COVID-19 Affect Your Day-to-Day - Buy Our Commercial Hand Sanitizers

Most of us cannot isolate ourselves entirely or do not have the option to work remotely from home. Good hygiene practices that involve handwashing and sanitizing can act as a buffer between us and the COVID-19 virus. 

If you have further questions and inquiries or would like to purchase our disinfecting products click here.


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