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You may think it is too early to start planning for winter conditions while the summer heat is still with us, but fall/winter will be upon us soon, and along with that will come icy conditions. We will be carrying Ice Melt (CMA) which will arrive in our warehouse soon. The product is an Environmentally Friendly Alternative, melts to -28C and is Biodegradable with reduced freeze/thaw cycles.

A link to the product will be added soon.


We have just added a link to the Dustbane catalog updated April 18/2018.It is available for viewing or downloading direct from their site, or click on one of the links below to browse their Chemical products or Equipment offered.




There is a great product from Essential Industries. It is called X-Coat NANO. A new molecule bonding floor finish. More information is available from this website, or even better give one of our Salespeople a call, and they can provide more information, and pricing.





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