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The hot weather is here and so are the allergens - keep them at bay with the best cleaning equipment on the market! Our window cleaning accessories can get rid of any accumulation that can lead to allergies, sneezing and coughing and keep your commercial space manageable! Why is the summer the best time to clean your windows, Canada? We have a few reasons why!

What are the benefits of clean windows in the summer?

Window cleaning with the right resources and sanitizing tools has numerous benefits that include:

  • Reduced airborne allergens. Do your windows give you a clear view of the outside or do you only see fingertips imprints, grimes and dust? Take a look at your windowsill. Is it spotless or is it filled with dust particles? One of the biggest reasons for indoor allergens is the dust accumulation on windows that can lead to sneezing, headaches, fatigue and runny noses. Simply cleaning your windows once a week can drastically reduce any allergens circulating in the air.

  • Prevents mold. Mould loves moisture that settles during hummus day on windowsills, inside and outside your home. If you are prone to allergies, mould will make your indoor breathing air worse, so the easiest way to prevent mould is to frequently clean your windows. Additionally, keep areas clean and dry with regular maintenance and cleaning.

  • Reduced bugs. The summer weather brings in a surge of bugs, and dust mites are generally more prominent in the hot months. When the dust settles onto your windows and window sills, dust mites and spider populations increase. Ensure that your home or commercial building is safe from any pests, and clean your windows with LEED-certified janitorial supplies.

  • Get rid of pollen. Who doesn’t love a hot day where they’re outside with their loved ones, possibly enjoying a cold drink? While the warm weather is wonderful, the pollen wave hits in the summer. Whether you’re experiencing pollen-induced allergies or not, you’ll certainly want to get rid of nature’s gift as soon as possible. Washing and taking care of your windows once a week will decrease the chances of sneezing and increase the chances of you remaining healthy all summer long.

What Are Some Of The Best Janitorial Tools To Use When Cleaning Your Windows?

Some of the best equipment to use to clean windows are common items that can be found in homes. Things such as buckets, squeegees, sponges, and towels can get the job done, effectively removing salt streaks when paired with cleaning solutions. You may also need a sturdy ladder and someone to help you make sure you’re safe doing the cleaning. 

Microfiber cloths can also work well in drying windows without leaving any noticeable marks behind. When you wash them, wipe in circular movements from the corners to the outer perimeter, then move towards the interior center of the window. It’s also important to wear gloves, be it rubber or waterproof, to protect your hands from cold exposure. 

One last piece of advice we want to give is to always remove any dirt, dust, or debris before cleaning the windows off. They can hide and build up in tracks and grooves between the glasses. If you fail to do so, it could create a muddier mess you’ll have to deal with. 

Rely on the best, most effective window cleaning equipment and solutions throughout the year! Contact Busy Bee today to learn more about our sanitary cleaning supplies. 


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