Streak Free Windows In The Winter? It’s Possible With The Best Janitorial Supplies On The Market!


At Busy Bee, we have effective window cleaning supplies that your custodians can use to safely clean your windows during the winter. By applying our products, you’ll keep your glass windows streak-free and spotless when it matters. Still not convinced? Let’s go over why it’s important to keep your windows clean overall in the winter and some of the best tools to use for the job. We’ll also go over how you can keep your windows cleaner from freezing out in the cold. 

“Winter can be the messiest time of the year because commercial spaces are bombarded with snow, ice, and slush. Weather conditions can create unsanitary and messy conditions in otherwise clean settings and there’s only so much a caretaker can do to keep everything clean. That’s where the most essential LEED certified janitorial cleaning supplies are needed to keep workspaces clean and safe throughout the winter.”

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Windows Clean In The Winter?

It’s important to keep your windows clean in the winter because dirt and grime accumulate on window glasses all year-round. Snow that sticks to windows or falls from above can collect salt that causes streaks or damage to your stainless glass. The debris of ice and snow from above can cause etching and damage to the winter, leaving apparent white streaks or marks that contribute to expensive repairs. 

Removing these messes from your glass window has many advantages. Spotless windows brighten the inside of your office building more and allow the natural light to illuminate different rooms. It also lessens your need for artificial light from electricity, reducing your overall energy consumption and monthly utility bill. 

Cleaning your windows is usually done in warmer months such as spring or summer. Although it’s easier and cooler to do, cleaning windows should be done routinely, even in the coldest winters. This is because it’s the season when your spotless glass windows get dirty the most. To best avoid this from happening, you’ll need to keep and maintain the best cleaning materials you have. 

How Do I Keep My Window Cleaner From Freezing?

If you’re cleaning windows outside using special cleaning solutions, it’s important to keep them from freezing if possible. Whether it’s simply a hot water base you’re using to wash the windows, having it at the right temperature ensures it doesn't freeze easily. For example, using scalding hot water on cold windows outside can cause the glass to break due to the contrasting temperature. You’ll also want to avoid using cold water as it can freeze on the window’s surface quickly. A good balance would be to use lukewarm to warm water that can effectively wash down any streaks on your windows.

To prepare for your window cleaning in the winter, be sure to protect your hands from cold temperatures and the water by wearing rubber gloves. For the window cleaning solution, you can use regular soap and water or special vinegar, alcohol, or salt-based solutions you can mix yourself. To lower the potency of its chemical compounds, you can dilute window cleaning solutions with warm water and apply them directly on the windows with no issue. 

Window cleaner fluids or solutions can be used on any glass or surface, but always consult labels and instructions first before using them. 

What Are Some Of The Best Janitorial Tools To Use When Cleaning Your Windows?

Some of the best equipment to use to clean windows are common items that can be found in homes. Things such as buckets, squeegees, sponges, and towels can get the job done, effectively removing salt streaks when paired with cleaning solutions. You may also need a sturdy ladder and someone to help you make sure you’re safe doing the cleaning. 

Microfiber cloths can also work well in drying windows without leaving any noticeable marks behind. When you wash them, wipe in circular movements from the corners to the outer perimeter, then move towards the interior center of the window. It’s also important to wear gloves, be it rubber or waterproof, to protect your hands from cold exposure. 

One last piece of advice we want to give is to always remove any dirt, dust, or debris before cleaning the windows off. They can hide and build up in tracks and grooves between the glasses. If you fail to do so, it could create a muddier mess you’ll have to deal with. 

Rely on the best, most effective window cleaning equipment and solutions throughout the winter. Contact Busy Bee today to learn more about our sanitary cleaning supplies. 


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