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As more and more stores open up there’s a new problem to tackle past trying to regain their lost profits. COVID hasn’t cleared up yet and the majority of people are still very cautious of where they might shop or interact to protect their safety. Busy-Bee Sanitary Supplies fully understand this and is dedicated to helping you help your clients stay clean providing some of the best janitorial supplies in Edmonton and commercial cleaning supplies in BC



Step 1: Research

The first thing to do is to understand COVID and what can work and what doesn’t work to protect against it and clean it off. Official health bodies and many others have released guidelines for businesses working against COVID including how to best clean and disinfect businesses. Every province and city has different stages of infection and specific regulations and thus different requirements to follow so its important to keep that in mind. A similar company in Calgary could have to follow a different approach than one in Edmonton.

Next, make sure everyone on your team is on the same page, everyone needs to follow the same approach and use the same method or deviation could result in someone not cleaning fully or using the wrong products. General basic cleaning, sanitization, disinfecting, and sterilization each have their own method so it’s important to know which to use where. 


Step 2: Laying Out a Plan of Attack

Each business is different and can have certain things used by customers more often than not. It’s important to recognize which things have the most traffic, especially with people touching, and plan to prioritize them more than other less used items. Things like doorknobs or credit/debit card readers can be a serious cause of worry now as opposed to before COVID. Of course, keep regularly cleaning everything else even if it doesn’t have regular customer interaction but prioritizing can help keep burn out away and make sure not to overwhelm your staff. 


Step 3: Keep on Top of Supplies

Everyone has experienced the annoyance of forgetting about supplies running low and having to make last-minute adjustments or a quick rush order to stock up fast again. Currently, this can be an even bigger concern, panic buying may have died down but there still is a significant increase in people buying cleaning supplies and you really don’t want to get stuck with an “out of stock” message at a critical time. COVID is not taken out by just any cleaning supplies using a different spray or scrub may not be an option. Additionally, with different cleaning supplies being more frequently used there is probably an increase in how much you’ll need. So potentially your regular orders and amount would fall short and cause everyone stress.


Step 4: Communicate With Everyone

Lastly, it’s important to both clients and their customers for you to communicate your plan of attack and calm everyone’s fears. For many people right now the deciding factor in if they go to a business can be as simple as if they see hand sanitizer out at the entrance. Now more than ever being transparent about your research, prioritization, and planning towards cleaning can be a huge benefit to everyone. 


Step 5: Contact Us At Busy-Bee For Top-Grade Janitorial Supplies in Edmonton!

Here at Busy-Bee, we understand that maintaining health and safety at this time is the biggest priority. As everyone reopens and tried to adjust to everything we are also doing our best for you and providing the best cleaning and janitorial supplies.

Contact us today. 


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