Winter Has Arrived! Be Prepared With Exceptional Janitorial Supplies

Winter can be the messiest time of the year because commercial spaces are bombarded with snow, ice, and slush. Weather conditions can create unsanitary and messy conditions in otherwise clean settings and there’s only so much a caretaker can do to keep everything clean. That’s where the most essential LEED certified janitorial cleaning supplies are needed to keep workspaces clean and safe throughout the winter. 

At Busy Bee, we work with services like a restroom maintenance company to supply them with efficient and effective cleaning supplies and equipment. We strongly believe winter is the most crucial time to keep your janitorial storage fully stocked with the best cleaning supplies on the market. In addition to detailing some of the most essential cleaning supplies, we’ll go over why it’s important to store your supplies properly and why they’re essential in the winter. 

Although our customer base is led by janitorial companies, we have diversified into other areas to accommodate our customer's needs. Busy-Bee now offers several institutional programs that are designed for hotels, hospitals, schools and other large, high traffic industries.


Why Is It Important To Store Janitorial Supplies Properly?

Products such as deodorizers, industrial-strength cleaning wipes, and liquid cleaning solutions can effectively clear up messes and germs while leaving a nice scent afterwards. However, they’re also dangerous chemicals that should be properly handled when in use. If improper precautions are taken when applying them, it puts both the janitor and employees at risk of chemical exposure. 

Keeping that in mind, you should also have a reliable stock of personal protective equipment for immediate use. Items such as safety gloves and sleeves will prevent skin irritation or burns from happening if you’re applying chemicals for cleaning. If you’re using toxic, harmful products to clean your building daily, masks and respirators should also be worn to protect your lungs. Additionally, safety eyewear goggles should also be added to your inventory to protect your eyes from random splashes and spillage.  

An important step to storing your janitorial supplies properly is having a sign of sorts to let janitors know about the best practices of storing, using, and disposing of cleaning supplies afterwards. Moreover, if your inventory is fully stocked and organized, it can make it easier for janitors to find and use what they need. These cleaning supplies will be essential in the winter and here’s why. 


Why Are Janitorial Cleaning Supplies Essential In The Winter?

Planning and preparing for sudden wintery conditions is essential for any business and important to help janitors keep employees safe and happy. Some of the most obvious items and roles to consider are snow shovels and salt. Someone should regularly be clearing snow and ice from pathways near entrances and exits of a building. If ice has formed on the sidewalk, salt or sand should be sprinkled to gradually melt them away, before clearing them off with a shovel. 

Although these supplies are essential tools to tackle the harsh winter conditions, you should also have tools such as mops, brooms, buckets, sponges, and microfiber cloths in your inventory. These items clear away leftover snow, salt, and ice that may be tracked from the outside. It also destroys dangerous germs and pathogens that can form on the floor’s surface or float in the air. 

Another important piece of janitorial equipment to have handy is a multipurpose winter floor cleaner. It can help disinfect germs on any surface and deal with dirt, grime, slush, and ice. When you hire a cleaning service after hours, they’ll typically use them with heavy cleaning machines to scrub through floors and carpets. They’re effective because they can work on all hard floor surfaces, be diluted and used to different strengths, and leave a fresh fragrance. They can also be used with cleaning equipment that combines a cleaning and scrubbing action in one.

Let’s discuss next some of the most essential cleaning supplies you’ll need in your janitorial closet this winter. 


What Are Some Of The Most Essential Cleaning Supplies?

We’ve greatly stressed the importance of shovels, PPE, and liquid cleaning solutions to help keep your building cleaned and sanitized during the winter. To take that further, we have some tips to consider for your most essential cleaning supplies 

First, if you’re using cleaning cloths, make sure they’re multipurpose and able to collect every lint and dust in each space. For chemical solutions and cleaners, try purchasing a product that uses essential oil-infused oil. Their scent is nice and long-lasting and less harmful than artificial chemical solutions. Common scents often include lavender, eucalyptus, and citrus. 

Winter won’t last forever, but regularly keeping your building clean of messes and germs will keep employees satisfied with the workspace. It also helps you prepare when spring rolls around. 

Keep your commercial workspaces clean this winter by exploring Busy Bee’s wide array of cleaning supplies. We regularly keep exceptional LEED-certified sanitary supplies and equipment in-stock year-round. Contact us today to find out what we have in our inventory! 


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