Keep Your Work Environment Clean and Sanitized During Winter With a Stocked Janitorial Supply!

Winter weather means colder temperatures for your colleagues as they come into the office, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on commercial cleaning supplies and begin sanitizing the work environment. With the right janitorial supplies and cleaning methods, you’ll be able to maintain a clean and safe work environment that protects you and your colleagues. 

At Busy Bee, we care about providing workplaces with high-grade cleaning supplies to deal with the mess that winter often brings. We’ll go over why winter office cleaning is more important than other seasons and ways to deal with the salt residue that can stick on flooring. We’ll also detail some useful supplies to have stored in your janitorial supply closet. 


Why is Winter Office Cleaning More Important Than Other Seasons?

Winter brings its own challenges to the office, especially if people are commuting back and forth to different places. The main issue would be the huge amount of snow, ice, and slush being dragged around on carpets and flooring from shoes or boots. If left unclean, it not only leaves a huge mess but also lowers your workplace’s image to others who may view your colleagues as unprofessional. Keeping floors and carpets clean only adds to a clean image and reputation from the public. 

Winter office cleaning is also important in limiting the spread of germs and sickness. During flu season, germs can fly around from unknowing workers coughing or sneezing in their workplaces. To reduce the spread of illness, you should clean common areas regularly and sanitize other frequently used surfaces with wipes or disinfectants, keeping your workplace healthy and safe to work in throughout the season. 

Lastly, winter is also the time where dust or mildew can build up, affecting the air quality of your office. You can use dusters and dusting cloths to regularly clean off dust, as well as rely on a contractor to clean your air ducts. This helps improve air quality whenever winter rolls around. 

With these tips in mind, let’s get into the issue of how salt affects different areas and how you can remove them. 


How Does Salt Affect The Floors Of My Establishment and How Can I Remove Any Residue That May Stick?

Salt can be great for melting ice, but people can track it on their shoes whenever they come into the office. This can leave a noticeable residue on floors and carpets, creating a slippery film that could be dangerous for your colleagues. Moreover, salt can gradually damage the sheen of a new floor or carpet, making them less effective as they were brand new. 

To limit the damage during the winter, you can vacuum and sweep the floor at least once a day, then mop up once a week. You can use a mixture of different cleaning fluids or just warm water and vinegar to remove the salt residue from the floor. When cleaning, be sure to target hallways and entryways because that’s where people come in the most.  If time isn’t on your side, you can hire a professional cleaner or janitor who can use carpet cleaning equipment to take care of the salt mess left behind. 

With that said, let’s get into some important supplies you should have in your cleaning arsenal.


What Are Some of The Supplies I Should Have In My Janitorial Supply Closet?

At Busy Bee, we carry a wide array of effective cleaning equipment, detergent, deodorizers, and many more sanitation supplies. Your workplace should always have items such as brooms, brushes, and mops to deal with everyday messes during winter. You can also store carpet cleaning liquid and equipment to have handy whenever you need to clean up messes on the floor. 

We have offices across much of Western Canada. Learn more about our cleaning products and order new material now by clicking HERE for more information. 


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