The Winter is the Best Time To Clean Your Carpet - Start with Busy Bee!

As winter steadily approaches, it brings with it frigid weather, slippery ice, and dirty snow. This becomes a bigger problem when more people are coming inside buildings, stamping off snow and ice from their shoes onto the carpet. As a result, it becomes less clean and more soggy and stained when more people enter buildings. Along with good carpet cleaning, the most effective way to clean and maintain your carpet is through a stocked array of janitorial cleaning supplies!  

At Busy Bee, we have a wide selection of industrial-grade carpet cleaners and solutions to extend the life of your carpet. By cleaning your carpet regularly, you avoid making your floor messy and spreading germs everywhere. We’ll look at ways you can prolong the life of a carpet and if they’re able to dry in cold weather and why the winter is an important time to use a carpet cleaner machine. 

We carry a full range of superior products including a growing catalogue of Environmentally Friendly, LEED-certified products, and when combined with a highly knowledgeable staff, we are able to find the perfect product to best suit your needs. Although our customer base is led by janitorial companies, we have diversified into other areas to accommodate our customer's needs. Busy-Bee now offers several institutional programs that are designed for hotels, hospitals, schools and other large, high traffic industries.


How Can I Prolong The Life of My Carpet?

A good way to start prolonging the life of your carpet is by vacuuming them daily. If carpets are left damp and soiled with winter waste, it can lead to mould appearing on the carpet, which at that point, you’ll have to throw out. It also creates a musty smell that can linger and reduce air quality. To avoid this, use a high suction, high-efficiency vacuum and sufficient heating to dry out carpets and prevent dampness. 

By vacuuming, you will save yourself the trouble of cleaning more later on. Carpets in high traffic areas, entryways, and main hallways should be the target of a good vacuum to remove soil, slush, and ice. This prevents them from making a big mess and potentially becoming airborne. 

You can also invest in high-quality matting around your carpet to absorb lots of water and trap the soil, snow, and ice particles from tracking into the building. It’s often recommended to place different mats inside and outside buildings. 

If you want to target the source of the problem, one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean is by making sure outdoor areas and exteriors are clear and well maintained. Ensure there’s a clear path for people to use and regularly sweep entryways, stairs, elevators, and exits where snow and ice can be brought in. This eliminates potential slip hazards and more messages for you to clean. 

Another way of keeping your carpet clean is by deep cleaning it with hot-water extraction. It helps revitalize your carpet by using very hot water to thoroughly clean your carpet’s pores. By doing this around two to three times per year, you will have your carpet for a longer period of time, especially if your building has frequent visitors. 


Can Carpets Dry in Cold Weather?

Contrary to popular belief, your carpet can dry much faster in colder weather than warm weather because there is no humidity. The drying time is cut in half and you avoid having to deal with bacteria and mould that can grow on the carpet when it’s hot.

When you have a cleaner and dryer carpet, you instantly improve the building’s air quality and avoid hazards like slips and falls. It also presents a clean image to everyone using your building which can be achieved by utilizing a carpet cleaner as one of your carpet cleaning tools. 


Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner in the Winter?

When you purchase a carpet cleaner from Busy Bee and use it with our cleaning solutions, you’ll clear away any unneeded dirt, moisture, snow, and ice that’s been tracked into your building. We recommend using our carpet cleaning machines as often as you can to clear up anything trapped in your carpet’s fibres. 

Your overall cleaning approach should be proactive first rather than reactive. By the time most people clean the carpet, it’s already filthy with lots of damage done. With our carpet cleaners, we utilize dry carpet cleaning methods to clean up specific spots on the carpet rather than all of it. The process is quick, effortless, and needs no extra drying time. Once they’re cleaned up with the cleaners, they’ll be ready to use and you can put your focus elsewhere.  

Explore our vast collection of commercial cleaning products and carpet care solutions today. We provide exceptional customer service and strive to help meet your needs. 


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