Commercial Cleaning Supplies Are In High Demand With Summer Around The Corner

Summer is on the way and we do not want you to miss out on any fun because of the flu. Germs tend to get comfortable about hotter temperatures, so read further for some tips to keep waste in check during the summer. Busy-Bee has all the sanitary and commercial cleaning supplies you need, with service and quality you will want to return to.

Our cleaning products make it easy to dispose of garbage during the summer! Sort and organize waste. Different types of bins are a great way to accelerate waste disposal. Separate bins for recyclables, non-recyclables, and food waste will help you dispose of your garbage properly.  Clean your garbage disposal regularly. It is important to keep your garbage disposal clean all year long, but it is particularly so in the summer. The regular washing and cleaning will prevent the accumulation of debris and odors while keeping your home clean.

Make sure the garbage is disposed of in the correct bin. Once you've established the correct bins for every waste category, ensure that the correct disposal is followed. The improper handling of different waste materials can cause air pollution, land pollution and other negative effects on the environment.

Create a schedule for sanitation. A detailed summer cleaning schedule will ensure that all surfaces are cleaned regularly. In a busy work environment, it's easy to forget about cleaning. A sanitation plan will serve as a reminder of all the tasks and the frequency for everyone to do the same.

Maintaining an organized work environment will benefit the moods and productivity of your entire work space and team. It is important to maintain a clean working environment in the summer heat. This will help prevent foodborne illness. It is important to thoroughly sanitize all food areas and lunchrooms before eating. Bacteria may grow on surfaces that are not sanitary, contaminating food even if they appear clean. It's important to keep a clean workspace. However, the larger picture is improving the environment to ensure harmful pollutants do not contaminate natural resources. Waste management is an excellent way to improve the environment and reduce pollution.

Recycling allows us to save energy and keep toxins out of the air. In addition, it is important to manage waste properly during summer months. Proper waste disposal will prevent future health problems.

It is important to dispose of liquid waste. Commercial businesses and industrial establishments produce different types of liquids wastes. These wastes include everything from acids to greases to oils. Different types of liquid wastes can be produced, including:

  • Grease traps
  • Industrial water
  • Cooking oil
  • Portable toilets

Our range of waste management solutions can ensure that your property is kept clean, even in high temperatures.

Enjoy a clean and safe summer with Busy-Bee. Professional sanitary supplier in BC Waste management that is done in an ethical, respectful way will not end up on landfills. Busy-Bee is dedicated to providing you with the best sanitation solutions and products, all while keeping them easily accessible across Canada.

Buy our complete range of products and enjoy a healthy and clean summer. At Busy-Bee we are committed to providing you with the best sanitary products on the market to support your restroom cleaning program. Our products can help you fulfill the three essential steps of a restroom cleaning program for your organization, which are Restoration Cleaning, Daily Cleaning, and Periodic Maintenance Bathroom Cleaning.

Restorative cleaning is critical to maintaining a clean and hygienic restroom. Specialized cleaning products are required to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from surfaces. Our range of restroom maintenance supplies is potent enough to make your public restroom sparkle. Areas that need to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly include floors, fixtures, dispensers, and receptacles.

Daily restroom cleaning is essential to ensuring that your public bathrooms meet the required standards. Commercial restrooms get routine traffic, and if not adequately disinfected, can spread germs and bacteria among your workspace. Combining daily cleaning methods with our quality cleaning products can help you lower the overall cost of maintaining your restrooms. Facility users will also gain peace of mind knowing that the restrooms are well taken care of.

There are several protocols that you can include in your daily cleaning routine to keep your restrooms clean and hygienic. These include ensuring fully stocked janitorial supplies, cleaning fixtures, following floor cleaning procedures, and changing the garbage daily.

Although daily restroom cleaning is critical, it's also important to perform periodic maintenance bathroom cleaning. Some areas require more attention and take longer to clean, such as high bathroom areas and floors. Thorough cleaning of these areas is essential to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from surfaces. Additionally, detailed cleaning of restrooms can reduce maintenance costs and minimize the need for restorative cleaning.

With all of our cleaning supplies in mind and at hand, you can have a germ free summer! We have locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Wetaskiwin, Cold Lake, Vancouver. Kelowna, Winnipeg, Prince George, and Cranbrook. Visit our website today!


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