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The public health situation has compelled all of us to maintain responsible hygiene standards to flatten the curve. As a janitorial company, it is very important for you to keep your clients’ premises sterilized to avoid the spread.





Whether that is deep cleaning, disinfecting and scrubbing surfaces in an office space, restaurant, hospital, government building, grocery store; this is a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the right cleaning tools in your arsenal.


Busy-Bee Sanitary Supplies carries the full range of superior products to make your janitorial duties easier. As a sanitary product supplier in Western Canada, we are your one-stop destination for commercial sanitizers, table and chair cleaning products, carpet and upholstery care supplies and more.


Below, we go over some of the most essential cleaning items that should be on your checklist to protect your clients’ premises from dirt, viruses and bacteria.


Gloves and Masks


All janitorial workers should wear gloves when handling commercial chemicals. This is not only a good practice to maintain general hygiene but in these times particularly, it can curb the spread of the infection.


Some studies estimate that the Sars-CoV-2 virus can survive on plastic, metal and glass for as much as 2-3 days in cooler temperatures.


It is imperative to wear the right hand gear as well as safety goggles and masks to protect against the eyes and skin while cleaning. An N-95 respirator or higher is recommended to keep the virus at bay, especially if you are in an environment that has a high risk of generating aerosols.


Apart from this, wear protective clothing that is regularly sterilized to prevent contamination. Disposable gowns, aprons or coverings must be worn over your protective clothing.


You can also get dedicated shoes that can be decontaminated depending on the risk levels on-site. 


Sanitizers and Disinfectants


Sanitizers are a must-have in a situation like this. When coming in contact with so many public surfaces, our motto is safety first!


It’s not only important to use an alcohol-based sanitizer, but one that contains anything between 60-90% of alcohol. Of course, the best alternative to this is handwashing for 20 seconds with regular soap and water. We recommend doing both.


Commercial disinfectants that have been recognized by health authorities as viable deterrents for the virus are also worth looking into. Clorox, Purell, and Lysol are some of the most highly recommended items in this category. Do a little more research before finding the right one that suits the specific nature of your work environment.


Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces First


These include commercial kitchen tops, doorknobs, faucets, toilet seats and handles, light switches, tables and chairs.


We recommend starting with a thorough cleaning; ridding the surface of dust, contaminants and grime. This can be done with soapy water or a cleaning spray and a microfibre cloth.


After cleaning, it’s time to disinfect! Use a surface-appropriate disinfectant (wipes or sprays) and give it a complete rub down, reaching all edges. If the disinfectant has indicated that it can kill RSB, influenza SARS and other types of coronaviruses, it should be effective for this too.


Common disinfectants that you can refer to; Clorox, Lysol, Purell or hydrogen peroxide. 


Make Your Janitorial Duties a Breeze and Stay Safe


Busy-Bee offers superior products that are built to last even in the most challenging environments. All products are LEED-certified and are expertly designed to deliver comfortable and simple handling. 

We take care of all your cleaning needs - from start to finish. Contact our knowledgable staff to find the perfect products for your business!


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