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Hand sanitizer dispensers are an essential resource to have for any public office or space that has lots of foot traffic. Some dispensers have traditional pumps built in while modern models utilize hands-free sprays. Commercial hand sanitizers are also very durable and can last and dispense sanitation fluid for long periods of time. They will not only help people keep their hands clean, but also mitigate the spread of germs. 

At Busy Bee Sanitary Supplies, we stock and provide reliable, effective janitorial supplies for your custodian team. Our bulk inventory of hand sanitizers, cleaning equipment, accessories, and other utilities will assist you in maintaining the clean standards of any property. Bulk supplies of hand sanitizer purchased from us will also include a dispenser to properly distribute it out. 

Contact Busy Bee now if you need a sufficient supply of hand sanitizers for your workplace today. Here are a few things to consider when adding them to a public workspace. 

How Do I Know How Much Hand Sanitizer I Need For My Business?

The amount of hand sanitizer you need for your business ultimately depends on how populated your workplace is on a daily basis. You may need to facilitate them in different areas where foot traffic is especially heavy. 

Evaluate the approximate number of people coming in and out of your office to help determine how much sanitizer you need. This will also make sure you never run out of sanitizer solution during the busiest days. You’ll also be prepared for when germs become more rampant during the fall and winter, as people will be looking to keep their hands cleaned at all times. 

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing Hand Sanitizer Dispensers?

Among the many benefits of installing a hand sanitizer dispenser in your workplace is the improved levels of hygiene. It will help keep the hands of you and your employees clean and prevent the spread of germs and pathogens from one person to another. This will mean less workers calling in sick, boosting your business’ overall productivity and profitability.

Hand dispensers are also economical in the long run. Each sanitation fluid is dispensed with the same amount every time it is accessed. It helps avoid waste and spillage because it is sprayed directly on the user’s hand. By adding a dispenser like a touch-free model, it enables you to set a fixed budget and track the cost of how much fluid you need to purchase.

These dispensers are also durable and easy to maintain in your workplace. They can endure anything that comes their way and face far less physical damages due to minimal contact. They are designed to be easy to maintain and operate, making them a  cost-effective, long-term investment for health and safety on your part. 

In terms of accessibility, they can be easily mounted on any wall or location, where people can find and use them to practice hygienic control measures. Install hands-free hand sanitizer dispensers near offices, breakrooms, workspaces, store entrances, or any other high traffic areas to ensure they are clearly visible to people. 

What Is The Importance Of Using Infrared Dispensers/No Touch Sanitation?

No-touch sanitation dispensers can work better than traditional pump dispensers because of their convenience and delivery methods. They remove the risk of unnecessary touch by using motion sensors to deliver an equal amount of sanitizing solution in one quick, easy spray. 

Hands-free dispensers can be installed on either stands or walls and can be placed any place that can get busy. By placing them in clear places, it will encourage your employees to take the initiative to keep their hands cleaned. Moreover with a contactless delivery method, you won’t need to clean the dispenser itself. 

Why Should I Always Buy Hand Sanitizer In Bulk?

You will save a lot of money and time when you buy commercial hand sanitizer in bulk. It will be a great addition to your clean tool supply and you’ll be able to easily replace the fluid whenever you run out of it. We highly recommend purchasing hand sanitizer in bulk to not only improve the hygiene of your workplace, but also maintain a high standard of cleanliness and professionalism. Additionally, you’ll also get more out of your investment in workplace health and safety. 

Contact Busy Bee Sanitary supplies today to secure bulk supplies of our effective hand sanitizer solutions. Get in touch with us now to get a reliable contactless dispenser with your purchase and start keeping your business clean. 


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