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With the summer weather here to stay, garbage disposal must be of the highest priority.

Our janitorial supplies in BC can help you maintain your property smell-free, sanitized and clean during the hot months. We provide LEED-certified cleaning equipment in Calgary that ensures your indoor and outdoor premises will be garbage-free. While temperatures rise, let’s aim to keep the Earth cool while investing in proper waste management and frequently sanitizing popular surfaces and areas. 


Four ways to maintain proper waste management in the summer

We have four tips on how proper garbage disposal can be done during the summer, and how our range of cleaning products can make it a simple task!

  1. Sort and organize your waste. One of the most effective ways to speed up waste disposal is to establish different types of waste bins. Setting up separate bins for food waste, recyclables and non-recyclables will make it easier to properly dispose of all the garbage.

  2. Clean your garbage disposal regularly. While cleaning your disposal daily is encouraged all year round, it is especially important to clean it on a daily basis in the summer. Frequent washing and cleaning of waste bins prevent any debris and smells from accumulating while keeping your property clean.

  3. Ensure the right garbage goes in the right bins. After you have established the right bins for each particular waste category, enforce the proper disposal. Improper handling of different types of waste materials can lead to air and land pollution and further negatively impact the environment. 

  4. Set up a sanitation schedule. Creating a detailed cleaning schedule during summer ensures that all surfaces are cleaned on a regular basis. It’s sometimes easy to forget to clean in a busy environment, and a sanitation plan can be a friendly reminder for all the duties and the cleaning frequencies for all those sharing the same space.


Maintaining a clean work environment

Maintaining a clean work environment during the hot summer months is critical in preventing foodborne illnesses from thriving. Bacteria can grow on unsanitary surfaces and contaminate food just because a surface looks clean, it’s vital to fully sanitize any lunchroom or food spaces before eating. 

While it’s essential to maintain a fully sanitized workspace, the bigger picture is to improve the environment and ensure that harmful pollutants don’t inhabit natural resources. Proper waste management is a great way to reduce pollution and enhance the environment. 

Through recycling, we save more energy and prevent any toxins from reaching the air we breathe. Additionally, proper waste management during the summer months is vital for public health. Harmful wastes can impact an individual’s wellness, and proper waste disposal can prevent any future problems.


Disposal of liquid waste is essential

Most commercial businesses and industrial establishments generate different types of liquid wastes that need to be disposed of in the appropriate manner - these wastes can include anything from acid to grease to oils. The different types of liquid wastes that can be generated include:

  • Grease traps

  • Industrial water

  • Cooking oils

  • Portable toilets

Our full range of waste management products can help you ensure that all waste is disposed of appropriately while keeping your property clean even when temperatures rise.


Have a safe and clean summer with Busy Bee! | Professional sanitary supplier in BC

When waste is disposed of in an ethical and respectful manner, waste management does not end up in landfills. At Busy-Bee, we are dedicated to providing the best sanitation products and solutions, while making them readily accessible to you across Canada!

Purchase our full range of products today and experience a clean and healthy summer 2021!


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